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Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN, founder of Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC, worked as a cardiac ICU nurse in New York City for 13 years. Mary wrote her book Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness as if she was having a heart-to-heart conversation with you. As a nurse, Mary saw the need to provide people with more practical, holistic health and wellness information to apply in their daily life, complementing their doctors’ medical plan, in order to maximize their overall health possibilities.

While a book alone may be a useful tool, it is with coaching and community where real transformation can happen. Mary expanded the tenets of her book to create The Heart Health Accelerator Program, to give you the resources and coaching necessary to recover from a heart attack or cardiac event, and prevent further heart disease. 

Mary’s Credentials:


  • Certified: Cardiac Critical Care ICU Registered Nurse

  • Certified: Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition, Center for Nutrition Studies - eCornell

  • Certified: 100 hours Cardiac Medical Yoga

  • Certified: 500 hours ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda) Yoga

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, University of California at Santa Barbara

  • Author: Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness: An inspiring plan to holistically prevent and recover from heart disease

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While working in the award winning cardiac ICU of the oldest public hospital in the country, Mary taught student nurses and trained newly hired nurses as a certified preceptor. In addition to her certifications, Mary was honored with the “Spirit of Hillman Award” for bedside nursing excellence by the Alex and Rita Hillman Foundation.

Mary is learning how to play the drums and her neighbors are enjoying her new hobby, too! Mary encourages you to follow your passions and to do something every day that makes your heart smile.

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