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Who is The Heart Health Accelerator Program for? (Spoiler alert -The information presented will be of benefit to everyone!)

  • The Heart Health Accelerator Program was created for people who have had, or are newly recovering from a heart attack. I found there was a scarcity in follow-through care for heart attack recovery; it was as if these folks were getting prepared for their NEXT heart attack instead of receiving information, guidance on wellness and prevention, and a plan for recovery.

  • This program is for those who want to prevent a heart attack and they want to improve their overall wellness.

  • This program is for those who have a family history of cardiac disease, or are concerned that they may have cardiac disease based on erectile dysfunction (a warning sign of cardiac disease) and/or their personal health history.

  • This program is for people who feel that the Western medical system is not capable of giving them other health and healing options outside of Western medicine that they know they are in need of to change their health, and improve their wellness and vitality.

  • This program is for people who do not want to become another statistic of the number one cause of death in the USA, over all cancers combined-Heart Disease.

  • Those who want to mitigate damage from pharmaceutical inoculations.


How does the program work?

The Heart Health Accelerator Program is meant to be used interactively, a week at a time, over 9 weeks. It is not meant to pass through quickly. (Hello, my Type A people!) Instead, it is meant for you to take the time to thoughtfully marinate on the presentations and information and implement changes gradually. You will have the complete program upon enrollment and payment and can move through it at your own pace.


When you sign up for your program, you will create your own program log in, and receive a welcome letter to access information for the live group “Cardiac Campfire” Zoom coaching calls. While the program itself takes 9 weeks, it is accessible to you on your login for 18 weeks because life does get in the way of our best laid plans, so not to worry--there is plenty of time to complete the materials at your own pace.


Why can’t I just use your book Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness?

While books are a great resource, transformation occurs when you interact with others. We have Wednesday “Cardiac Campfire” group Zoom gatherings, 11:30 am to 12:45 pm EST and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm EST, and there you can build your very own support network with the people you will meet. Your doctor’s office cannot offer you the ability to connect with other people going through the same experiences as you. We learn from each other. On these calls I share new information I have obtained from my attendance at Cardiology Conferences and Wellness Conferences, and other wellness professionals as well as present a new topic each call.


What is the value received for this price?

Health is priceless.


Your Heart Health Accelerator Program includes:

  • 9 weekly presentations by me

  • Guest Speaker presentations

  • Scheduled Zoom Group “Cardiac Campfire” Coaching Calls on Wednesdays at 11:30 am to 12:45 pm EST and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm EST

  • Resources for your research and knowledge to follow up as you like

  • Self-Assessment tools to check-in and see how you are doing. These tools serve as reinforcement for the subjects presented each week.

  • Optional “Homework” Assignments, such as watching a movie or TV show, which further supports your learning. (Note-they are optional, but you get out what you put in, and if you want results and to really be clear, you will go all-in!)

  • Handouts

In the weekly video curriculum and handouts, you will learn about and have an understanding of:


  • How the heart and cardiovascular system work

  • How to support the nervous system to calm the body and mind

  • Cardiac disease processes of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and inflammation

  • Your baseline and end of program lab tests, what they are for, and what their interpretation means in terms you can understand

  • See the results of your efforts in your lab work trend and possibly taper off or even discontinue medications (only with your doctor’s oversight) so you can break free of the imprisonment of your pillbox

  • What it means to detox the body so we can replenish it and nourish it

  • How to tactically craft meals so your food becomes your “farmacy” and every meal is your medicine

  • How to make qualitative health choices so you do not feel like you are being denied pleasure or giving up what you love

  • Using vitamins, supplements, herbs, and adaptogens to optimize your body and help it heal itself

  • Discover other healing modalities you can add in to your wellness plan

  • Create your own support network and make new friends in our group Zoom coaching calls so you don’t struggle by yourself anymore




In addition to the core program, handouts, resources, guest speakers, and group coaching, program attendees receive:


  • A one-on-one intake call with Mary

  • A copy of the book used as the program text book: Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness: An inspiring plan to holistically prevent and recover from heart disease

  • Weekly Habit Stacking Tools

  • Detox and Nourish Protocols


Is there a payment plan?

There is not a payment plan offered at this time. At the time of purchase, payment is due in full, the complete program is accessible to you, and is not refundable. This is your investment in your health.

Check with your Human resources administrator because you may be able to use your Health Flex Spending Account for program payment.



While health is priceless, 
The Heart Health Accelerator Program is not covered by insurance; it is your investment in your health!

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