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You are invited to enjoy this selection of wellness resources and empowering holistic products I thoughtfully curated for you to help you optimize your health and vibrant life energy.


Bonus Gifts!


As a Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness reader, receive the gift of a discount on your purchase using discount codeS where noted at checkout on the websites below.

I am pleased to recommend the following healing and wellness products to you:

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The Copper Vessel

Take time to calm, rejuvenate, and restore while listening to this beautifully healing sound bath. Sound healing may not be appropriate for pacemaker patients. See your doctor first.

Banyan Botanicals Healing Products

For the past 25 years, sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda and the power of Ayurvedic herbs has been Banyan Botanicals' passion.

Coupon code Mary15 on your first time order

Pretty Frank

Paraben, chemical, and aluminum-free deodorants and body products.

Use discount code HEART at checkout.

Bespoke Custom Hand Crafted Journals by Rebecca Rush

One-of-a-kind journals from nickel silver, brass, copper and bronze.  Every journal is completely crafted by hand.  No two are alike.

Wild Folk Farm CBD

Healing CBD salves. Topical products only, never directly on or near a wound.

Use discount code HEART at checkout.

Wisdom of the Earth

Discover how essential oils can help with depression, anxiety, palpitations, emotional release, and heart health support. Watch video.

These oils from nature are Priceless!

Tahoe Heartbeat

Heart-centric products.

Merchandise coming soon!

Honeybee Herbs

Kelley grows her own herbs and makes beautiful salves, tinctures, lotions and teas.

No discount at this time.

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket

#1 Sauna Blanket: A Workout Without Working Out

Take a wellness cue from the likes of celebrities worldwide and take your DOSE on the go.

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