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Welcome to The Heart Health Accelerator Cardiac Wellness Program

Start living your best life so your comeback is greater than your setback!

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HHA Program WITH Live Group Coaching

Here, you will receive the tools necessary to build your new life-style, because doctor appointments, tests, and medication refills are not enough to restore your health. Your core program includes: • 9 weekly video presentations • Guest speaker presentations by experts in their fields • Handouts, worksheets and activities for further research and knowledge enhancement • Wellness tracking tools • Group Zoom coaching calls where you can make new friends in your support network so you don’t struggle alone Bonuses! • 1:1 program intake call with Mary • Book: Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness • Weekly Habit Stacking Tools • Protocols for Circulation, Gut Healing and Immune Optimization, Detoxification, Nourishment and Supplementation Some of the topics we cover in the presentations: • How the heart and cardiovascular system work, the cardiac disease process and how to heal • Lab tests, what they are for, and what their interpretation means in terms you can understand • How to support the nervous system to calm the body and mind from trauma, anxiety and depression • What it means to detox the body so we can replenish it and nourish it • How to tactically craft meals so your food becomes your “farmacy” and every meal is your medicine • How to make qualitative health choices so you do not feel like you are being denied pleasure or giving up what you love • Using vitamins, supplements, herbs, and adaptogens to optimize your body and help it heal itself

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