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The Heart Health Accelerator
Cardiac Wellness Program

Turn The Page from Cardiac Survivor to Heart-Healthy Thriver

Ditch the overwhelm and fear after a cardiac event. It's time for improved labs, renewed vitality, and a life you're excited to live. 

Ready for your cardiologist to be left scratching their head?

Mary Yuter's Heart Health Accelerator cardiac wellness program is your 9-week path from confusion to confidence, to become free from the never ending medications and doctor visits.

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Here is the problem:

You were living your life, and then BOOM! Something happened--Hospital lights, worried faces, and machines. You had some kind of life altering heart health crisis.

And after this crisis? A tidal wave of discharge papers, stacks of medications, more tests, doctor visits, insurance bills and a reality you weren't prepared for, and have no knowledge about.

You’re not just looking for answers – you’re seeking direction, information,

and a real PLAN.


Meet Mary Yuter:
Your Heart Health Guide and Ally

Once a cardiac ICU nurse, now your dedicated heart health mentor and coach. 


With over 13 years in the cardiac ICU trenches of New York City, caring for thousands of patients just like you, as the recipient of the prestigious Alex and Rita Hillman Foundation Spirit of Hillman Award for Bedside Nursing Excellence, Mary has transitioned her scope of care to truly help YOU thrive. 


Dive into this cardiac wellness program crafted from professional expertise, personal empathy, and the real stories of countless heart warriors.

Author and Registered Nurse, Mary Yuter

Mary Yuter, RN


Program Benefits

See transformation, not just on paper but in how you feel every day:


  • Drop in cholesterol and stabilized blood pressure? Check.

  • Kiss the diabetes label goodbye with lowered A1c levels.

  • Shed the extra pounds, boost your energy, and embrace the kind of detox that has you feeling ‘clean’ inside and out.

  • Shift from being a survivor to a confident, flourishing thriver.

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Here are some wins folks are enjoying in The Heart Health Accelerator cardiac wellness program: 

Hi Mary,


Just returned from my cardiologist follow up and the latest review of my blood work. I just wanted you to be the first to know that I am now completely off both my diabetes meds (synjardy + glimpiride), rosuvastatin and amlodipine.


It sure felt good to throw out all those meds last night!


He is having me continue with half a dose of Losartan without the HCTZ added.  He told me to take half for a month and if my BP numbers stay good I can discontinue that one as well.


This is much better than I hoped for as I am now down to only 1 med plus my low dose aspirin. Still holding at 40 pounds lighter than when I started the program as well  All of this in a little over 4 months!


He was very impressed with my overall condition and feels if I can continue on this path that I have a good chance of reversing my clogged stents without having to have the dreaded bypass he recommended before I started with you.


None of this would have happened if it was not for you and the fantastic Heart Health Accelerator program.

- L.c., Tampa, Fl

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Lipid Panel Results
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“With the Heart Health Accelerator program and Mary's teaching and coaching, my cholesterol dropped 93 points in 6 weeks! I was able to significantly lower my blood pressure from 199/110 to 135/85. I found Mary the day I had that high blood pressure number and refused to go to the hospital. Instead, I got right to work. Now, my lab work always looks so good, my cardiologist asked me what I was doing because HE is on statins himself! I feel great, clear, energetic, have learned how to manage stress, feel healthy again and I have continued to maintain these numbers because I learned and practice my new daily habits.


The best part is I never went on any medications!”


“Before I started working with Mary at Heart To Soul Cardiac Wellness in The Heart Health Accelerator Program, I was in a panic about having open heart surgery. I was scared and felt hopeless.  Because of what Mary has taught me, I have tools to help me and I feel energized and focused!  I went from panic, shock and fear to a peaceful, courageous “I’ve got this” attitude.  My bloodwork has improved. I am now ready to conquer my surgery. Thank you for being my wing woman and for all you have given to me.”

- R.L. Long Beach, California

patient preparing for surgery

John, 58, once restricted by medications and doctor's warnings, now hikes every weekend with his grandchildren. 
Sarah, 52, confidently flaunts her health reports, knowing her heart and overall health are stronger than ever.

Mary's Promise To You

Your journey with the Heart Health Accelerator is backed by a tangible guarantee:

Personalized attention where you’re celebrated, not treated like a number.

Real, measurable results evident in your lab work.

Renewed confidence in your body's prowess.

Financial savings and more life moments spent out of the hospital with loved ones.

Live without the constant shadow of another cardiac event.

Reclaim your vitality, your joy, your LIFE.

Getting Started Is Simple:


Sign up for the Heart Health Accelerator program HERE.


Embark on a 9-week tailored journey with Mary and her team.


Celebrate your new vitality, backed by tangible lab results.

Ready to make your cardiologist curious? 


“Six weeks in, and my family notices the difference! They're asking me for health tips now!”

Arnie, 49

"After my heart attack, I never thought I'd feel this alive again. Mary's program changed everything for me." 

Lawrence, 62

“My refrigerator looks different inside now with so many colors from the foods I am now enjoying to support my body! I am no longer a diabetic!”

Louetta, 45

“I came to Mary’s program about my heart, and my GERD is now gone as a side benefit!”

holly, 46

“I can go on vacation and not worry about booking my stay where the nearest hospital is.”

Results You Can Expect

Joining the Heart Health Accelerator Program is not just about healing; it's about transformation in every sense. Here's a glimpse into the impactful changes our clients experience:


Physical Revitalization:

  • Cholesterol Levels: See them drop, improving overall heart health.

  • Blood Pressure: Experience stabilization and decrease, lessening risks of other disease processes.

  • Blood Sugar Control: With lowered A1c levels, many clients no longer classify as diabetic.

  • Heart Health: Boosted Heart Rate Variability signals a stronger, healthier heart and nervous system.

  • Weight Management: Shed excess pounds easily and embrace a healthier physique.

  • Detoxification: Feel a renewed sense of cleanliness within, purging harmful toxins.

  • Inflammation: Reduced inflammation leads to decreased disease and pain and better overall health.

Mental & Emotional Boost:


  • Stress Mastery: Learn techniques to manage and mitigate daily stressors.

  • Energized Days: Say goodbye to mid-day slumps and embrace sustained energy.

  • Body Positivity: Feel a renewed sense of love and appreciation for your body.

  • Mindset Shift: Transition from just surviving to confidently thriving, feeling inspired every day.

Medication & Labs
  • Reduced Dependency: With improved lab results, many clients taper off or even eliminate their reliance on certain medications, under their physician's guidance.

  • Your heart's health is more than just numbers; it's about feeling and living better, every single day. 


With the Heart Health Accelerator Program, embrace a holistic transformation.

What’s at stake here if you keep on your current path and avoid this opportunity?

With the current medical system, 1 in 4 people die of heart disease, one every 36 seconds. It is the leading cause of death, over all cancers COMBINED, even though it is reversible AND 80% preventable! 


Most people have a second heart attack within 5 years of their first, despite doctor visits, medications, tests and procedures. 


The medical system does not provide you a plan to reverse and prevent heart disease. 


You can protect yourself from vulnerability and becoming another heart statistic with my Heart Health Accelerator cardiac wellness program.

Or…you can:

  • Get Sicker and be on even more medications, plus those for side effects

  • See no real improvement of the underlying cause you were prescribed meds for

  • Be treated as a number, getting short shrift in 15-minute doctor appointments

  • Spend more money on meds, appointments and tests for continued “sick care” 

  • Still have that nagging fear, anxiety and worry about your health

  • Have no plan for health recovery and success

  • Still have no understanding or knowledge of your illness and how to get well

  • View your current lab work is a reflection of medications; not your body and its natural healthy state, so you become a pharma customer for life

  • Be at risk of another heart event because the underlying problem has not been corrected. 

  • Pay thousands of dollars in monthly insurance premiums, deductibles, copays for office visits, tests, procedures, medications and hospitalizations

  • Have further decline in quality of life

Ready to become a heart-healthy thriver?

Check out the FAQ page, HERE

Still curious? Tour the Program here.

Book a Consult with Mary

The Heart Health Accelerator Program by Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC and the book Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness by Mary Yuter are intended to provide general information. This program is not in any way a substitute for the advice of your own physician(s) or other medical professionals based on your individual symptoms, medical conditions, or health concerns. If you need personal, medical, health, dietary, exercise, or any other assistance or advice, you should consult a physician. Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN, Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC, creator of The Heart Health Accelerator Program specifically disclaims all responsibility for injury, damage or loss that the attendee may incur as a direct or indirect consequence of following any directions or suggestions given in the program.

The health figures stated on this landing page are our personal health figures and in some cases the figures of previous or existing clients. Please understand these results are not typical. We’re not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. We’re using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, personal health conditions, and work ethic. All informational products entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. This is not meant to be medical advice. 

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