Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness by author Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN

“Mary’s book, Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, is the most ambitious, most complete, most optimistic guide for anyone wanting to avoid heart disease, or to heal from a recent bout with heart disease, that I have ever read. Mary’s firsthand experience treating the most seriously affected cardiac patients, and her passion for wanting to share her knowledge about what it takes to stay alive and truly live in the face of heart disease, make her the perfect mentor and companion in your journey toward better health.”


Professional Speaker on Congestive Heart Failure

“There is so much credible wisdom in Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness! Mary’s insight as a cardiac ICU nurse, and her commitment to prevention from a truly holistic approach is a gift for anyone who wants to protect their own and their family’s well-being. You’ll find lots of things to learn, great tips to use, and resources to help guide you through a practical, personal plan to protect your heart, and overall health, which so many people don't really know how to do.”


Brooklyn Integrative Medicine

Heart Attack

What makes Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness unique is that it is an accessible, comprehensive, holistic heart health and wellness plan, complementing the science of Western medicine, created by a cardiac ICU nurse, and endorsed by medical and functional medicine doctors.

The Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness book and accompanying Heart Health Accelerator Program provides education, tools, and support for people who have heart disease, have had a heart attack, or are preparing for or recovering from a heart surgery, and for anyone who wants to prevent heart disease. A family history of heart disease does not mean you need to have it!


Working with your book and with Mary, you will have peace of mind because you now have a plan to optimize your heart health. You will become empowered because you have accessible tools you can use to make lifestyle changes which will positively affect your feeling of wellness, and you can have hope in knowing that you can improve their health and vitality, starting where you are now, and that you are not alone on your wellness journey. 

Your heart will be uplifted!

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“Before you heal someone, ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick.” - Hippocrates, The Father Of Medicine


Are you ready to give up things that are making you sick, so you

can make room to receive the things that will help you get well?

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