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The Heart Health Accelerator
Cardiac Wellness Program

Recover, heal, and protect your heart from disease processes and injury.

My mission is to present wellness options outside of Western medicine which complement your doctor's medical treatment plan, so you can use these components to work together synergistically to optimize your wellness.

Author and Registered Nurse, Mary Yuter

Mary Yuter, RN

For 13 years I took care of thousands of patients just like you as a cardiac intensive care nurse at the busiest, top rated cardiac ICU for the City of New York. You may relate to this: Patients were discharged after their life-altering health event with a large number of prescriptions, a list of forthcoming doctor appointments and tests, wound care instructions, tremendous anxiety and fear, and told to make lifestyle changes. Yet they were not given knowledge about their illness, guidance on how to proceed forward, or a plan to make the changes needed to achieve health. They entered a treatment loop of doctor visits, refills, tests, doctor visits, refills and on until they got additional meds for side effects from the first meds! Both of my parents died of heart attacks before I became a nurse, and I knew there was much more I could do to prevent this from happening to me, and to help others so they would not die unnecessarily as my parents had. I created my Heart Health Accelerator Program, with the knowledge I gained from certification programs and ongoing education.

After beta testing my cardiac wellness program on clients, achieving results seen in their positive lab work, and obtaining the endorsement of medical, functional and lifestyle medicine doctors, I am offering you the knowledge, guidance and plan for wellness in my program so you can learn how to avoid becoming another statistic of Heart Disease-the #1 cause of death. You will understand how to stop the disease process and learn step by step over 9 weeks how to build your new life-style, decrease or taper off meds, feel better, and get back to living your best life enjoying your favorite activities with loved ones again.


In addition to specializing in heart attack and open heart recovery and heart disease prevention, I and am now helping those who have cardiovascular injury from pharmaceutical injections and those seeking prevention and health optimization because of them. 

Is this you

Is this you?

distraught senior man

Do you...

  • Struggle with the fear of another cardiac event and of the unknowns you face?

  • Have anxiety since your diagnosis?

  • Feel alone and unsupported when you keep hearing “You’ll be fine.”

  • Feel a loss of direction?

  • Feel concerned with the amount of medications you are taking?

  • Feel sick from the medications?

  • Get tired of your pillbox ruling your schedule?

  • Worry about the financial burden of medications, tests and cost of medical care?

  • Feel like Western medicine is not enough to heal your body-there is more, but what?

  • Feel scared of the need for surgery if you get sicker, instead of better?

  • Wish you could do the things that you know are good for you but you’re physically and mentally struggling and don’t know where to start?

  • Still feel terrible even though you had open heart surgery?

  • Feel worse than ever and no one understands you

You are not alone, and I am here to help you. As a nurse I took care of thousands of cardiac patients like you, now I coach people to wellness.

Learn how to achieve your best heart health life!

  • Have More energy 

  • Have confidence in your body again

  • Acquire a new mindset so you are able to shift from the role of survivor to thriver

  • Feel inspired and confident instead of fearful, because you have a plan

  • Feel heard, understood, and supported

  • Feel better as you taper off or even discontinue prescription drugs (with medical approval)

smiling african american senior woman

What happens when people work with me:

  • Lowered cholesterol

  • Lowered A1c diabetic marker

  • Decreased Blood pressure

  • Increased heart rate variability

  • Lose weight 

  • Reduce stress

  • Increased energy

  • Feel good when upon waking up in the morning- finally!

  • Detox the body - clear skin, eyes, vibrant- look more youthful 


  • Nourished cells and body 

  • Get rid of prescriptions and save money

  • Able to enjoy the life and social events like weddings, a grandbaby coming into the world, picnics and gatherings with friends and family: travel, 18 holes, spa days with the gal pals

  • Enjoy long walks and activities you used to do

  • Feel supported in the group coaching calls

  • Make new friends and form a support network

  • Ease anxiety and fear for a calm mind and relaxed body

man fishing off pier

“With the Heart health Accelerator program and Mary's teaching and coaching, my cholesterol dropped 93 points in 1 1/2 months! I was able to significantly lower my blood pressure from 199/110 to 135/85. I found Mary the day I had that high blood pressure number and refused to go to the hospital. Instead, I got right to work. Now, my lab work always looks so good, my cardiologist asked me what I was doing because HE is on statins himself! I feel great, clear, energetic, have learned how to manage stress, feel healthy again and I have continued to maintain these numbers because I learned and practice my new daily habits. The best part is I never went on any medications!”


Lipid Panel Results

Let’s get you your plan of action to build your new life-style so you can get off meds, feel better, turn fear into faith and start enjoying your life again! I am ready to help you! Are your ready to shift from surviving to thriving and to change your life in the best possible way?

If you’re ready to start your heart healing journey to achieve the life you want to live, 

How The Program Works

Over 9-weeks, one week at a time, learn and become empowered to build your new fulfilling life-style after your cardiac diagnosis.  When combined and put into action, the education, resources, and tools provided will create new habits which will promote massive change reflected in your lab work and how you look and feel. Group coaching support nurtures your growth as you travel side by side with other people going through the same experience as you.


The Core Program

  • Core program of weekly video presentations

  • Handouts

  • Resources

  • Tracking tools

  • Guest speakers

  • Group Zoom coaching

man reading heart to soul cardiac wellness book
Senior Woman



  • A one-on-one program intake call with Mary

  • A copy of the book: Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness: An inspiring plan to holistically prevent and recover from heart disease

  • Weekly Habit Stacking Tools

  • Detox and Nourish Protocols

What's Inside The Program

In the weekly video curriculum and handouts, you will learn about and have an understanding of:

  • The mental trauma and depression experienced by cardiac patients

  • How to support the nervous system to calm the body and mind

  • How the heart and cardiovascular system work

  • Cardiac disease processes of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and inflammation, why they are important and how to control them

  • Your baseline and end of program lab tests, what they are for, and what their interpretation means in terms you can understand

  • See the results of your efforts in the positive trends in your lab work

  • Taper off or even discontinue medications (only with your doctor’s oversight) so you can break free of the imprisonment of your pillbox

  • What it means to detox the body so we can replenish it and nourish it

  • How to tactically craft meals so your food becomes your “farmacy” and every meal is your medicine

  • How to make qualitative health choices so you do not feel like you are being denied pleasure or giving up what you love

  • Using vitamins, supplements, herbs, and adaptogens to optimize your body and help it heal itself

  • More healing modalities you can add into your wellness plan

  • Make new friends in your support network during our group Zoom coaching calls so you don’t struggle by yourself anymore

Yes, I Want To Start Now

Who This Program Is For

Happy Woman

This 9-week program is for those who are ready to build their new life-style one week at a time with a coach and support network guiding them.  It takes a long time for the body to move from the process of illness into dis-ease and then disease, and it takes effort to heal and move forward. It is not for those who want to take another pill, want a “one and done” or “weekend boot camp” or “give me the manual and I will do it myself” approach. It is for those who will take the program seriously, show up for coaching, and thoughtfully take the time allowed to gradually add in new concepts to their daily life to truly build their new life-style.

What Clients Say

“Before I started working with Mary at Heart To Soul Cardiac Wellness in The Heart Health Accelerator Program, I was in a panic about having open heart surgery. I was scared and felt hopeless.  Because of what Mary has taught me, I have tools to help me and I feel energized and focused!  I went from panic, shock and fear to a peaceful, courageous “I’ve got this” attitude.  My bloodwork has improved. I am now ready to conquer my surgery. Thank you for being my wing woman and for all you have given to me.”

- R.L. Long Beach, California

What Makes This Program Unique

heart vector

What makes this program unique is that it is an accessible, comprehensive, holistic heart health and wellness plan, complementing the science of Western medicine, created by a cardiac ICU nurse, and endorsed by medical and functional medicine doctors.

The Cost Of Illness Versus The Cost Savings Investment In Wellness!

There is a reason heart disease has remained the number one cause of death-it makes money – your money! If medications truly got you better, wouldn’t pharma go broke? Instead, patients go broke from operations, tests, doctor visits, medications, insurance premiums, and loss of time from work. 








If you want to get out of this treatment loop, and improve your entire life to achieve the peace, happiness and vitality you deserve, and if you are ready to put in the effort required to allow these positive changes to happen for you, then let’s get started!

people sitting by campfire

Yes, I Want To Start Now

The Heart Health Accelerator Program by Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC and the book Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness by Mary Yuter are intended to provide general information. This program is not in any way a substitute for the advice of your own physician(s) or other medical professionals based on your individual symptoms, medical conditions, or health concerns. If you need personal, medical, health, dietary, exercise, or any other assistance or advice, you should consult a physician. Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN, Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC, creator of The Heart Health Accelerator Program specifically disclaims all responsibility for injury, damage or loss that the attendee may incur as a direct or indirect consequence of following any directions or suggestions given in the program.

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