The Heart Health Accelerator Program

Heart Attack Recovery and Heart Disease Prevention

The mission of Heart Health Accelerator is to present holistic wellness options outside of Western medicine to complement your doctor's medical treatment plan, while using these components to work together synergistically to optimize your wellness.

Join me, with other heart survivors like yourself, on a mission to create their best lives yet through massive change.  Because if you won’t change, you won’t grow, and things will stay the same, or possibly get worse if not corrected. The Western medical plan is not enough, which is why heart disease has remained the #1 cause of death in the USA for decades, over all cancers combined!


I invite you to discover more below in my free Heart Health Accelerator Masterclass. I promise you that It will be way better time spent than watching a TV show!

Begin your health optimization TODAY:

There is a demarcation, like a line in the sand, the day you have a cardiac event such as a heart attack. One side of this line resembles your life before your heart event, and the other side is life now, as a cardiac patient.



Because you value and appreciate what you have learned from the Heart Health Accelerator, each time you refer a friend who signs up for The Heart Health Accelerator Program with coaching, I will gift you with $100 appreciation via Zelle.

Get rewarded! Positive word of mouth is awesome!

Spread the word, expand our circle, and share in positive growth, too! 


Before I started working with Mary at Heart To Soul Cardiac Wellness in The Heart Health Accelerator Program, I was in a panic about having open heart surgery. I was scared and felt hopeless.  Because of what Mary has taught me, I have tools to help me and I feel energized and focused!  I went from panic, shock and fear to a peaceful, courageous “I’ve got this” attitude.  My bloodwork has improved. I am now ready to conquer my surgery. Thank you for being my wing woman and for all you have given to me.

- R.L. Long Beach, California


While health is priceless, 
The Heart Health Accelerator Program is not covered by insurance; it is your investment in your health!

The Heart Health Accelerator Program by Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC and the book Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness by Mary Yuter are intended to provide general information. This program is not in any way a substitute for the advice of your own physician(s) or other medical professionals based on your individual symptoms, medical conditions, or health concerns. If you need personal, medical, health, dietary, exercise, or any other assistance or advice, you should consult a physician. Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN, Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC, creator of The Heart Health Accelerator Program specifically disclaims all responsibility for injury, damage or loss that the attendee may incur as a direct or indirect consequence of following any directions or suggestions given in the program.