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This technology is excellent for cardiac patients because it improves vasodilation to the micro vascular level, increasing blood flow, nutrient and oxygen exchange to the cells, facilitating removal of cellular toxic waste. 


Like oxygen, when breathed in at 21% room air, oxygen can become toxic on high doses, such as when a patient is on 100% oxygen on a ventilator. (In the hospital setting, the patient is weaned down from this high level of oxygen, as it can become toxic when at this rate for too long.) Low therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic frequency (Pemf) wave forms generated by this technology are healing to the body, whereas EMF waves such as 5G, WiFi, cellphones, computers and bluetooth can be harmful to the body. All are a type or form of EMF, it is the dosage that is different, as in the room air example.

NASA uses this device for astronauts, Navy Seals use it for recovery, pro athletes use it, (Hello, Tom Brady!) and there is even an equine model for racehorse recovery, or for doting horse owners to care for their beloved horse. Small animal device coming soon! Mary used it to help her puppy recover from amputation surgery and he is back to running around, getting into mischief!

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Mary uses this technology in her daily wellness routine, and believes in it so much, she wanted to present it to her clients as a distributor. Because it is a Class II Medical Device, it cannot be bought off a store shelf, It must be sold through a distributor. 

More exciting information to come, so stay tuned!

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Spread the word, expand our circle, and share in positive growth, too! 

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