Events and Media Work

I am available to give you my $.02!

  • Keynote speaker: Wellness, healthcare, yoga and cardiac conferences and retreats.

  • Corporate Wellness lectures: Available to lecture at corporate or company functions.

  • Interview: Let’s chat! I am available to meet with you for radio and television interviews and podcasts.

  • Private yoga instruction: (individual or class)

  • Private customized cardiac yoga instruction: (individual)

  • Brand Ambassador: I will only endorse brands whose vision serves in alignment with my own, and in the best interest of my clients.  If I am endorsing a brand I will note “sponsored.”

  • Product reviews: I am happy to review products sent to me if they align with my beliefs and values. Reviews will be my own personal opinion of the product.

  • Writing: I am happy to contribute! Please provide the topic, forum for writing, (magazine article, blog, review), site and target audience. 


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