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Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness by author Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN

“Mary’s book, Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, is the most ambitious, most complete, most optimistic guide for anyone wanting to avoid heart disease, or to heal from a recent bout with heart disease, that I have ever read. Mary’s firsthand experience treating the most seriously affected cardiac patients, and her passion for wanting to share her knowledge about what it takes to stay alive and truly live in the face of heart disease, make her the perfect mentor and companion in your journey toward better health.”


Professional Speaker on Congestive Heart Failure

“There is so much credible wisdom in Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness! Mary’s insight as a cardiac ICU nurse, and her commitment to prevention from a truly holistic approach is a gift for anyone who wants to protect their own and their family’s well-being. You’ll find lots of things to learn, great tips to use, and resources to help guide you through a practical, personal plan to protect your heart, and overall health, which so many people don't really know how to do.”


Brooklyn Integrative Medicine

Heart Attack

What makes Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness unique is that it is an accessible, comprehensive, holistic heart health and wellness plan, complementing the science of Western medicine, created by a cardiac ICU nurse, and endorsed by medical and functional medicine doctors.


Heart disease doesn't begin in the heart.


A family history of heart disease does not mean you are destined to have it.

Pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know their physician "prescription protocol"  is not healing you, because a healthy patient is a pharmaceutical customer lost.



The Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness book and accompanying Heart Health Accelerator Program will get you tangible health results you can feel and see, including improvements in your lab work, in as little as 9 weeks. You will have access to a proprietary four-step system with coaching and support built in to assist you in becoming the master of your health, when the traditional medical system alone is not working for you. Heart Health Accelerator addresses the gap in "Follow-Through Care" meaning, what you can do for your health after you leave your doctor's office and you are alone, "released into the wild."

Contact Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN

I help cardiac survivors become heart healthy thrivers in as little as 9 weeks, with the lab results to prove it!

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“Before you heal someone, ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick.” - Hippocrates, The Father Of Medicine


Are you ready to give up things that are making you sick, so you
can make room to receive the things that will help you get well?

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The Heart Health Accelerator Program by Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC and the book Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness by Mary Yuter are intended to provide general information. This program is not in any way a substitute for the advice of your own physician(s) or other medical professionals based on your individual symptoms, medical conditions, or health concerns. If you need personal, medical, health, dietary, exercise, or any other assistance or advice, you should consult a physician. Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN, Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC, creator of The Heart Health Accelerator Program specifically disclaims all responsibility for injury, damage or loss that the attendee may incur as a direct or indirect consequence of following any directions or suggestions given in the program.

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