If you have had a heart attack, are readying for or recuperating from heart surgery, have ongoing heart disease, or are interested in heart disease prevention, you are in the right place! Learn, grow and connect with others in these
which were created to focus on your specific cardiac wellness needs.


You are invited to join me and other Cardiac Thrivers like yourself around our virtual fire pit for Cardiac Campfire Sessions™. These mini-mastermind live Zoom calls were created so you may learn and connect with others to share and to build your support network. These sessions are best experienced when used in tandem with the Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness book.




recuperation after heart bypass surgery

The Bonfires session is for people who are recovering from a heart attack. We will focus on what you can do to help your body optimally heal as you recuperate. We will talk about fear and depression and get you on your way to a healthy recovery. Whether you recently had a heart attack or are a long term heart attack survivor, this class is for you. Your “next” heart attack doesn’t ever have to happen, because you will know how to prevent it! 

Flying Embers


recuperation after open heart surgery

The Flying Embers session is for those people preparing for heart surgery. We will discuss how to best prepare for your heart surgery; from your mindset and optimizing your body, to practical preparatory checklists. Part of this session entails how to set the foundation for recovery after your surgery. We will outline what you can expect while you are in the hospital, and as you prepare to go home.  Whether you are in the hospital awaiting surgery, or have scheduled an elective time for your operation, this content will enable you to feel at peace about your upcoming operation, because you will know what to expect. You will be rolling into the operating room with a “thumbs up” sign, because you will be READY! 

Roaring Fires


recuperation time after open heart surgery

The Roaring Fires session attendees are ready to advance forward into this next chapter of their new life after heart surgery. We will discuss what to expect as you transition to your recovery process at home. We will discuss obstacles you may face after this life changing event, and how to surmount them with ease. Learn how optimize your healing process with spirit and manage your recovery with finesse! 

The Firepit


emotional recovery after open heart surgery

Let’s step through the Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness book together! Weekly class sessions correspond to weeks one through nine in the Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness book. Firepit sessions were created for attendees to flow in and out of, week to week for any session as they wish. You will pick up new information as we go along, as the science of health and wellness is continually changing. We will explore new topics and healing modalities together each week. You will learn to create lifestyle changes which will benefit your overall health, in addition to your heart health. Come gather up with us at the Cardiac Campfire™ Firepit and make new friends each week! This is a general class open to all, to take on your own timeframe while you read the book, or as a refresher to see what is new. 



pre-op heart surgery

This unique one on one opportunity is available if you would really like to customize your heart health improvement experience or walk through your surgical preparation and recovery process privately, with Mary as your professional cardiac guide. I provide you with additional support and tools so you can approach your cardiac health in a frame that is mentally clear, empowered, and grounded. 


Before I started working with Mary at Heart To Soul Cardiac Wellness, I was in a panic about having open heart surgery. I was scared and felt hopeless.  Because of what Mary has taught me, I have tools to help me and I feel energized and focused!  I went from panic, shock and fear to a peaceful, courageous “I’ve got this” attitude.  My bloodwork has improved. I am now ready to conquer my surgery. Thank you for being my wing woman and for all you have given to me.

- R.L. Long Beach, California

Your spouse, partner, or caregiver will have a big part in your recovery. It is so important for them to have the option to attend sessions with you, so they can better understand what you are going through, and what the expectations are for your (and their own) needs. I welcome them and look forward to seeing them sitting next to you, expanding our campfire circle! 


While health is priceless, 

These sessions are not covered by insurance.


Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness is your investment in your health!

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Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance of any session booking will not be refunded. I appreciate you honoring our time with your commitment.


These heart health classes and any classes provided by Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC are intended to provide general information on the subjects that they address. These classes are not in any way a substitute for the advice of the attendees’s own physician(s) or other medical professionals based on the attendee's own individual symptoms, medical conditions, or health concerns. If the attendee needs personal, medical, health, dietary, exercise, or any other assistance or advice, the reader should consult a physician. Mary Yuter, RN, CCRN, Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC, creator of these classes, specifically disclaims all responsibility for injury, damage or loss that the attendee may incur as a direct or indirect consequence of following any directions or suggestions given in class.