How may I help you flourish and thrive?


Are you seeking peace of mind over fear? Would you like to feel secure knowing that you have a plan for your heart health recovery, so you can step away from fear? Do you feel like you need personal assistance in your wellness?


Would you like to feel empowered because you have the tools, knowledge, and support to heal so you can become the best version of yourself?


Would you like to have hope, knowing you can start where you are now, and that you are not alone in your healing journey?


Would you like to improve your sparkle and vitality?

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Author and Registered Nurse, Mary Yuter

I am here to help you. The Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness, LLC one on one private program is a customized cardiac wellness immersion program, based on your cardiac and medical history. We will review your lab results, your current medication regimen, and your wellness goals. We will work together for nine weeks to prepare you to flourish with an individualized comprehensive holistic heart health plan, using healing modalities which complement your doctor’s Western medical plan. We will create a plan together that resonates best with you and for your health improvement.


This program specializes in optimizing you in preparation for cardiac surgery and guiding you through your postoperative recovery or after a cardiac event. It is really important to understand that what you put into this one on one time is what you will reap. You are invited to thrive here with support, guidance, and nurturing to help you achieve your wellness goals.


Schedule your exploratory 20 minute free consult with me HERE

Let’s get to know each other. During our exploratory consultation, we will discuss your synopsis of your cardiac and medical health history, medications, psychosocial information, and your health and wellness goals. As a health professional, I value, uphold, and maintain the integrity of the confidentiality of your medical and personal information.


I will share the structure of the program, and expectations for you to succeed in achieving your goals, should we mutually decide upon your admission to the Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness program.

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Your spouse, partner, or caregiver will have a big part in your caregiving, and it is so important for them to have the option to attend sessions side by side with you, so they can better understand what you are going through, and what the expectations are for your (and their own) needs. As a benefit, they may get healthier, too!

one on one private program cost

While health is priceless, this program is not covered by insurance. The one on one private Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness program is your investment in your health! After our initial exploratory consultation and mutual agreement to work together, you are invited to schedule and purchase your Heart to Soul Cardiac Wellness program with PayPal.

Please book all nine of our One on One appointments in advance with me to secure our meeting times.

Should you cancel any class less than 24 hours of our scheduled time, your payment will not be refunded, and meeting time will be forfeited. I appreciate you honoring our time with your commitment. To complete the program and achieve your goals successfully, additional meeting times to replace missed meetings may be purchased. Hour long sessions may be purchased with Paypal HERE.